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Laws You Should Know

The laws below apply to all City and County residents unless otherwise stated . For a complete copy of the animal control ordinances for your area, call PCAPS at (309) 672-2440 or go to

  • All domestic animals must remain on their owner's property at all times unless restrained by a leash, fence, or carrier/ cage.
  • All dogs and cats over four (4) months of age must be vaccinated against rabies and registered in Peoria County.
  • All animal bites to humans must be reported to the animal shelter within 24 hours.
  • No dog or cat may create a nuisance by:
    • Excessive barking or noisemaking,
    • Causing unsanitary or offensive conditions,
    • Damaging property,
    • Chasing vehicles, or
    • Attacking, chasing, interfering with or intimidating people or other animals.

  • No person may abandon any pet.
  • Every pet owner must provide food, water, shelter, and medical care to their animal.
  • No person may treat an animal cruelly by:
    • Killing or wounding;
    • Beating, ill-treating, tormenting, overloading, or overworking;
    • Causing, instigating, permitting or attending any dogfight or other combat between animals or between animals and humans; or
    • Allowing an animal to remain unattended in a motor vehicle where the animal's health is threatened.
  • No person may own a vicious animal. Certain municipalities including Peoria, Hanna City, West Peoria, Bellevue, Chillicothe, and Peoria Heights require a multiple pet owner license. Call PCAPS at 672-2440 for details that vary by city.
  • Any female dog or cat in heat must be confined within a secure enclosure.

Ordinance violation tickets may be issued when a violation occurs and fines range from $50-$300. For a complete copy of the animal control ordinance, please contact PCAPS at (309) 672-2440 or go to

Thank you for being a responsible pet owner!


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