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Highway Department: Maintenance Schedule

The Peoria County Highway Department utilizes seal coating and tilling to maintain Peoria County Highways. Additionally, local townships and municipalities utilize the Department's services for seal coating and tilling.

Tilling is a process of grinding and mixing the existing road surface and base. Additional gravel is then added to the existing material and all of the materials are compacted and graded. The process takes several days and traffic is also used to help compact the gravel. Once the gravel is compacted, the road is graded one more time, and seal coating of the road occurs.

The 2016 tilling program is complete for the year.

Listed below is the tentative schedule of roads that will be seal coated in the following week. Please be aware that weather and other factors greatly affect the seal coating schedule. This schedule is tentative and can be adjusted with little notice.

These roads will be removed once they have been seal coated.

The 2016 sealcoating program is complete for the year. Please check back in June of 2017.



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