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Illinois Virtual School Passes First Quality Matters Review - Regional Office of Education

Sep 28, 2016

Illinois Virtual School is pleased to announce American Art: From Elite to Street has passed a formal

Quality Matters review and will now carry the QM logo as an officially approved course.

Peoria, Illinois (September 20, 2016) – Illinois Virtual School developed American Art: From Elite to Street through a partnership with Anchora Associates, Inc. located in Chicago Illinois. Anchora approached IVS in the Spring of 2014 with an idea to develop a course using resources of the famed Terra Foundation for American Art, also in Chicago. IVS was excited at the possibility of developing a new course which would bring the assets of the Terra Foundation to the classrooms of Illinois students statewide.

American Art: From Elite to Street was developed with the Quality Matters rubric guidelines and subsequently passed an official QM review in August and is currently open for enrollment.

Illinois Virtual School joined Quality Matters as part of the Virtual School Leadership Alliance, a national association of virtual State schools which provides collegial support and collaborative opportunities for members. Five administrators and 23 instructors have been through QM professional development in order to conduct internal reviews. IVS’ Coordinator of Curriculum, Jennifer Kolar-Burden was a member of the Quality Matters K12 Rubric Revision team which just released the newly updated QM rubric.

IVS uses the Quality Matters Rubric as a guideline in all course development and revision. The QM rubric and process fits perfectly into IVS’ mission of providing quality online courses to students in Illinois and has plans to submit seven more course to official QM review by May 2017. Those courses include: American History, American Literature, Calculus, Civics, Consumer Economics, Health, and Spanish 1. For more information, please contact IVS directly.

About Illinois Virtual School

IVS is the Illinois State Board of Education’s statewide virtual school. ISBE established IVS as a supplemental online program based out of the Peoria Regional Office of Education. The IVS program is designed to allow students who are enrolled in a public or private school or homeschooled, to supplement their education by taking courses that are both aligned to the Illinois Remote Education Act and engaging for students.  IVS is recognized by the NCAA, International Association for Online Learning (iNACOL), the State Virtual Leadership Alliance and the College Board. For more information contact us at:


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